Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Excel High School Earns Regional Accreditation

On October 28th, 2011, Excel High School successfully hosted a Quality Assurance Review team from AdvancED and was granted its Regional Accreditation. This accreditation includes NCA CASI, SACS CASI and soon to include NWAC. Not only does this accreditation ensure wide acceptance at more institutions across America, but AdvancED also accredits schools in 70 countries around the world. We are very excited about this accomplishment for the future of the school as well as excited for our students and how this will help them achieve success in the future.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Excel High School Core Values

Excel High School's Core Values act as the building blocks of our organization. They summarize what's important to us and remind us why we hold ourselves the highest possible standards.

Our Students
     * We put our students' best interests at the heart of everything we do.

     * We strive to operate our school with honesty, transparency and high ethical standards. We keep our promises and honor our commitments.

     * To best serve our students, we strive for continuous improvement of our teaching and learning processes as well as our business performance.

     * To ensure we are using best practices in all areas of operation, we recognize the need for decisive, professional collaboration; both with our students and their families as well as among EHS staff.

     * We commit to being accountable to serving the best interests of our students and their families. We also honor the accountability to each other as professionals, trusting that our colleagues will hold themselves to the mission and vision of the school.

     * We commit to being an optimistic organization that brings a positive outlook for the future to our workplace. We expect great achievements and success from our students as well as our staff members. We hold high expectations and reward accomplishments.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Excel High School Mission and Vision Statements

Over the past couple months, email surveys were sent out to all Excel Parents and Students asking for feedback on a variety of topics. Two of the questions asked for input on what the school's Mission and Vision should be. Those responses were combined with responses from Excel teachers and staff and we are ready to share with everyone the Excel High School Mission and Vision Statements.

Excel High School Mission Statement

Excel High School will provide an exceptional online learning experience that exceeds the highest academic standards in a nurturing, flexible and affordable environment.

Excel High School Vision Statement

Excel High School is committed to becoming the best online high school in the country because of our unwavering dedication to student success and our own professional development.

These statements describe what we are committed to doing on a daily basis for our students as well as what we plan on doing to ensure their continued success.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Excel adding interactive discussion forums to teaching techniques

Excel High School has recently added yet another way for our teachers and students to interact and communicate. A Discussion Forum feature called Collaboration Corner has become a way for our expert instructors to add lesson extensions and enhancements to our already robust curriculum. Collaboration Corner also allows our students to interact with other students as well as contribute lesson or course related material that they have found or produced. At Excel High School, we feel everyone has something to teach, and through course participation, our students are contributing to not only their education, but their fellow students education as well.

Excel closing in on Regional Accreditation with AdvancED

Excel High School is delighted to host a Quality Assurance Review team from AdvancED at the school's headquarters in Minneapolis in October to finalize the school's status as Regionally Accredited high school. Gaining this prestigious status will solidify Excel's reputation as a world-class institution, will allow for international credit transfer, and will allow the school to continue to increase the amount of exceptional services and support for our valued students and their families.

Excel High School to add Honors Courses

Excel High School is happy to announce that the school will soon be offering Honors Courses for students. As the details of the Honors Program are finalized, please continue to check this blog or the school's main website

Excel High School adds 4 new phenomenal teachers!

Excel is excited to welcome 4 new teachers on to our teaching roster. These educators, as all of our teachers, are state licensed and hold Master's Degrees to enhance their teaching effectiveness. They also have extensive traditional classroom teaching experience and are excited to be part of a teaching staff, at Excel, that is on the cutting edge of new educational developments.

Christi Elias - Science Subject Matter Expert

Geoff Guzman - Social Studies Subject Matter Expert

Johanna Black - Math Subject Matter Expert

Derek Drago - Spanish/ESL Subject Matter Expert

New Excel AP Course Offerings!

Excel High School is now offering AP courses for our students. Please call the school for details. Here are the current AP courses:

AP Psychology
AP Literature and Composition
AP Language and Composition
AP Environmental Science

* With 5 more AP courses to become available soon:
AP Biology
AP Human Geography
AP Art History
AP U.S. Gov’t
AP Physics

At Excel High School, we will continue to strive to bring the best online educational resources to our students.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to the Excel High School Director's Blog!

I want to welcome you to the Excel High School Director's Blog, which was designed with one thing in mind: to give the students and parents of Excel High School a place to share ideas and feedback on what they love about Excel and ways that we can improve directly with me, Mark Ulven Director of Excel High School.

Also, this blog will serve as a way for me to communicate all of the exciting news and initiatives that we are working on here at Excel. We welcome and value the dialogue with our students and parents and we understand that the only way for us to succeed is when our students succeed.

So, what is it that is on your mind?

What is it that led you to Excel High School for your education?

What questions about Excel or online education do you have?